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Membership dues

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland girl and adult members pay annual membership dues of $25, which go to Girl Scouts of the USA for program development and activity insurance. No portion of the $25 stays with Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland. Membership dues and the registration forms are submitted to volunteers in charge of troop registrations, other group volunteers, or directly to the council.

Program fees

Fees vary depending on the program opportunity and the supplies needed. Girl costs are kept as affordable as possible and typically reflect only 40 percent of the actual cost to participate. The true cost of programs would include salaries and other indirect costs such as the offices and insurance. These indirect costs are supplemented by grants, contributions, and council-sponsored product sales. Girl Scout members can also use Cookie Credits earned through product sales to help pay for their Girl Scout activities.

Uniforms and books

Uniforms are not required to participate in Girl Scouts, but we do recommend girls have a sash or a vest to display their pins, awards, badges and patches. There are grade-level books called Journeys and the grade-level Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting that provide detailed information on programs, awards and activities that help girls discover, connect and take action in their lives and communities.

Troop/Group costs

Most troops and groups charge dues to cover the cost of their activities. Girl Scout members who participate in the council-sponsored product sales help earn money for their troop and individual costs for activities. If the planned activities require multiple funding sources, the troop/group can request approval for additional money-earning projects, such as a car wash, bake sale, dinners, etc. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining accurate records of troop/group funds and for sharing this information with parents and girls.

Juliette costs

Juliette Girl Scouts, or individual girl members who are not in a troop or group, pay the $25 annual membership dues and any fees for the specific pathways/programs they choose to participate in.

Council Cares Program

Council Cares awards are available to Girl Scout members who need financial assistance to participate in the Girl Scout program. Council Cares awards are available for membership dues, troop/group dues, uniform components and insignia, events, series, travel and camp opportunities. Go to our Council Cares Program page for more details.

All money earned in Girl Scouts, whether through product sales or other projects, is never the property of individual Girl Scout members and is always to be used for Girl Scout purposes.