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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland is comprised of a diverse group volunteers who are community leaders and professionals. They ensure the Girl Scout mission is carried out across our 80 Kansas counties. Board members are selected for their commitment to improving the lives of girls as well as their leadership, volunteer and nonprofit experience, ability to secure financial contributions to Girl Scouts, professional and educational background, and knowledge of the community. They are chosen by the Board Development Committee and elected by the voting members of the Council. Board members can serve up to two three-year terms.

The role of the Board of Directors is one of governance. Their responsibilities include strategic planning, fund development, appointment of the Executive Director, financial oversight, and interaction with the community.


Helen Wimsatt, Chair
Tara Laughlin, First Vice-Chair
Stacy Root, Second Vice-Chair
Mandy Stark, Treasurer/Secretary

Members At Large

Crystal Aluko
Jennifer Bellinger-Sipes
Carla Breckenridge
Patricia Dengler
Renee Duxler
Vanessa Gaytan
Chad Glen                                                                                                        Brenda McKenney
Julianna Rieschick 
Rachel Stanley-Williams                                                                                  Cecilia Thibault
Julianna Rieschick                                                                                              


Rolinda Sample – Wichita