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Background Check

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland is committed to providing a safe and quality program for girls as they participate in Girl Scouting. In order to safeguard the girls in our care, criminal background checks will be conducted for all employees and specified volunteers. The criminal background check is a component of GSKH’s employee and volunteer placement procedure. The background check includes criminal records searches of convictions, arrests, court records, inmate records, and sex offender registries. It does not include credit checks or motor vehicle records checks.

Once you have submitted your name, former names(s), permanent address, social security number, and date of birth through the secure online portal, the information is sent directly to Verified Volunteers. Providing false information, including social security number and date of birth, may be considered justification for non-acceptance of or dismissal from a volunteer position. The social security number on the criminal history records check shall be used for no other purpose than to make the process for conducting a background search more accurate. The results of the background check will be sent to the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland Human Resources (HR) Manager.

Disqualification from Volunteer Participation or Employment
The decision to exclude or limit an individual’s participation as a volunteer or paid staff member is solely within the discretion of Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland, Inc. Convicted felons are prohibited from serving as Girl Scout leaders, co-leaders, troop committee members, or council employees. Factors to be considered regarding misdemeanor convictions include, but are not limited to, the nature and severity of the crime and the length of time since the criminal conduct occurred. On a case-by-case basis, the council may permit or deny the application of a person convicted of a misdemeanor.

A registered sex offender is not allowed to be a Girl Scout staff member or leader, co-leader, troop committee member, or other volunteer as deemed appropriate. A person who has been found, as a juvenile, to have committed an offense that if committed by an adult would have been a sex offense, is not eligible for volunteer service or employment with GSKH. No one may be a Girl Scout leader, co-leader, or troop committee member if a member of their household is a registered sex offender or who has been found, as a juvenile, to have committed an offense that if committed by an adult would have been a sex offense. This applies regardless of the nature of the crime.

Criminal Background Check Procedures
Background checks that find a criminal or sex offender conviction will be reviewed by the Human Resources Manager. A letter of pre-adverse action with a copy of the report and the Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will be sent to the individual by certified mail. The individual will be asked to respond to the council. If the individual disagrees with the results of the check, he/she has thirty (30) days to dispute the results to Verified Volunteers, who is the reporting source.

GSKH will rely upon the information contained in the criminal history report until a corrected report has been provided. After 10 days, the HR Manager will send the adverse action letter to the individual by certified mail. A letter of rejection (containing no confidential information) will be sent to the GSKH administrator, supervisor of the applicant/volunteer, and the staff supervisor.

GSKH will maintain the confidentiality of all criminal background information, including information regarding disqualification decisions.