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Volunteer Training and Development

Volunteer learning is offered in varied modes of learning to best meet your unique learning styles: written resources, face-to-face learning, interactive online learning – and additional methods are being developed and tested all the time!

Required Training for Troop Leaders includes Intro to Troop Management, Financial Management, and First Aid/CPR.  We also offer supplemental trainings such as Advanced Troop Management and others that could be required for the activities your troop chooses such as Outdoor Leadership, USA Archery, and Small Craft Safety.

One of our favorite volunteer development series are IGNITE leadership retreats.  These are half-day, full-day, or weekend-long conferences that offer a variety of workshops to enhance your leadership skills.  Each IGNITE offers different workshops for new and experienced leaders so that you can keep coming back year after year.

Required Training for Troop Leaders

Intro to Troop Management - overview

This session for new Troop Leaders provides all of the information required to get started with a Girl Scout troop.  During the course, we’ll talk about forming a leadership team for the troop, planning meetings and field trips, working with the Girl Scout curriculum, and answer any questions you have about Girl Scouts.

This training course is available in person, via webinar, and through an online video series so that you may select the delivery method that works best for your learning style and schedule.

Find the online video series in the "Intro to Troop Management - online video series" tab below. If you prefer in person or webinar training, contact your Volunteer Support Specialist at to schedule a session.

Intro to Troop Management - online video series

To complete the online video series, watch each video below and review the linked resources, then take the learning quiz to receive credit for completing the training.

Intro to Troop Management Learning Guide
Meet the Volunteer Support Staff!
Girl Scout Basics (11:14)
What do girls need? (1:08)
Your Role as a Troop Leader (4:18)
Six Elements of a Successful Troop Meeting (4:30)
Meeting Planning Guide with the Six Elements
Using Your Resources Wisely, part 1 (5:35)
Using Your Resources Wisely, part 2 (7:53)

Take the Quiz!
To receive credit for ITM, complete the learning quiz.  


Safety-Wise: Keeping Your Troop Safe is encouraged for ALL volunteers who work directly with girls – including Troop Support Volunteers and Event Volunteers.  It is required for Troop Leaders, Product Sales Managers, Event Coordinators, and select Service Unit LEAD team positions.

Safety-Wise, part 1 (6:55)
Safety-Wise, part 2 (8:05)

Safety-Wise Resources:
Volunteer Essentials
Safety Activity Checkpoints
Health History and Authorization
Permission Form for Troop Activities
Accident Report Form
Mutual of Omaha Brochure
Mutual of Omaha Claim Form
Emergency Procedure Card

Take the Quiz!
To receive credit for SW, complete the learning quiz here.   

Financial Management

Financial Management is required for all volunteers who will be signers on the Troop Checking account and all Product Sales Managers.  It is also required for volunteers who will be signers on a Service Unit checking account and select Service Unit LEAD team positions.

Finance Basics (6:38)
Setting Up the Checking Account (6:57)
Maintaining, Tracking, and Reporting (7:21)
Detailed Record of Troop Funds

Take the Quiz!
To receive credit for FM, complete the learning quiz here.  

To open a new checking account, make changes to a current checking account, or request an account closure, complete this form.

First Aid & CPR

To ensure the safety and well-being of all girls, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland requires troops to be accompanied by someone currently certified in First Aid and CPR for any activity or trip beyond their regular meeting site, any physically demanding activity, and all overnight trips.

If a registered adult with the troop is a nurse (RN/LPN), a certified emergency medical technician, or a doctor, they can serve as the troop’s “First-Aider.” Otherwise, a troop leader or other registered adult will need to become certified through a GSKH course or another certifying organization. If you are certified through another organization, please submit proof of certification and expiration information to the Volunteer Support department of your regional office. See Volunteer Essentials for a list of approved certifying organizations.  First Aid and CPR training that is available entirely online does not satisfy Girl Scouts' requirements.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland provides several scheduled National Safety Council (NSC) First Aid and CPR certification courses throughout the year to accommodate our volunteers. The NSC First Aid and CPR course covers the skills needed to successfully perform First Aid and CPR, and it provides a two-year certification.  All NSC First Aid and CPR courses offered by Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland have a $20 per participant charge to cover material costs.  The cost of this training is a valid troop expense.

Find upcoming First Aid & CPR courses here.  



IGNITE: Fall, Winter, and Spring workshops

These half-day or full-day adult learning opportunities offer sessions on a variety of topics that enhance your leadership skills and spark ideas for your troop. At an IGNITE, you might learn a new team-building game, celebrate a Girl Scout tradition, gain archery skills, try a new outdoor cooking technique, or experiment with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Find information about upcoming IGNITE sessions on the Events page!

IGNITE: Leadership Retreat

Held annually on the 2nd weekend of June, the IGNITE: Leadership Retreat weekend is a great opportunity for all volunteers to become campers while gaining an abundance of quality Girl Scout knowledge. This retreat is held at the Starwoods Outdoor Center in Clearwater and begins on a Friday evening with workshops and lots of fun throughout the weekend.

Volunteers who register to attend participate in a variety of camp experiences such as waterfront activities, shooting sports, the Adventure Course, and workshops covering topics relevant to their roles with Girl Scouts. Each IGNITE session is unique, containing something new to learn and experience so volunteers can keep coming back year after year.

IGNITE: Learning Channel on Facebook

The purpose of this page is to engage, educate, and empower adult volunteers allowing them to facilitate the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The short learning sessions provided on this page are for GSKH volunteers and adults wishing to know more about the Girl Scout program delivery. The GSKH Ignite Learning Channel is powered by the Volunteer Support Staff of the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland.


Outdoor Skills, Leadership, and Certifications:

Outdoor Leadership - overview

Thinking about a troop camping trip or a Service Unit day camp? Volunteers need to complete Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland's Outdoor Leadership Series before facilitating activities with girls. Nominal fees are accessed for these training courses to cover the costs of food, supplies, and facilities. The cost of this training is a valid troop expense.


Outdoor Leadership 100 - online video series

OL 100 is a home-study course that can be completed on your own time and prepares volunteers to take troops or groups out for the day to hike, have a picnic, and get a taste of outdoor fun (without fire-building or outdoor cooking).   This course covers the Look Out, Meet Out, Move Out, and Explore Out phases of Outdoor Progression. Find the Self-Directed Outdoor Leadership Basics Study Booklet and take the quiz!

Outdoor Leadership 101/201

OL 101 qualifies volunteers to plan and have backyard camp-outs, host and attend day camps, and have a backyard camping adventure or stay at any Girl Scouts of Heartland camp property (with the exception of semi-primitive campsites). Volunteers will also be able to lead cookouts and have campfires. This course covers the Cook Out and Sleep Out phases of Outdoor Progression.

OL 201 provides additional skills necessary for any overnight camping (tents, A-frames, rustic cabins, etc) outside your community and semi-primitive camping. This course covers the Camp Out and Adventure Out phases of Outdoor Progression.

OL101 and 201 are typically offered as a combination course, approximately 24 hours in duration, including overnight tent-camping and 2-3 outdoor meals. Find upcoming courses here.

Starwood's Activities - Challenge Course (low ropes), Traverse Wall, Telescopes

Starwoods Outdoor Center has much to offer! Training for the Challenge Course (low ropes), Traverse Wall, and Telescopes is required before facilitating these activities during a troop campout. These trainings are often included in IGNITE: Leadership workshops or retreats that take place at Starwoods. Groups of 5-15 volunteers may also request a training date by emailing

USA Archery

The Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification Course provides graduates the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range and ensures that minimum standards for archery instruction are consistently taught to provide for the safety and enjoyment of the participants, instructors and spectators. Level 1 Instructors are well prepared to teach beginner archery programs to people of all ages and abilities in a variety of both indoor and outdoor settings in the disciplines of target, field or 3-D archery. The Level 1 Instructor will learn about range safety, range setup, the steps of shooting, equipment and repair, programs and lesson plans. Pre-requisites: USA Archery membership and range pass.

Watch the events calendar for GSKH courses coming soon.

Find a course directly with USA Archery.

Small Craft Safety

American Red Cross Small Craft Safety (Canoeing and Kayaking) Certification is the current Safety Activity Checkpoints requirement for a canoe or kayak trip leader. With this three-year certification you will be able to facilitate a canoeing or kayaking experience for girls. Please note that this is a safety and rescue certification course, not a skills class. This event includes the skills-based assessment portion of the course only. You must register, pay ($35), and complete the online portion through the American Red Cross website before the skills-based assessment and email a copy of your certificates to  Pre-requisite: American Red Cross Small Craft Safety-Canoeing and Kayaking Online Content. The skills-based assessment costs $15. The cost of this training is a valid troop expense.  

Watch the events calendar for GSKH ARC training courses coming soon.


Supplemental & Advanced Learning Opportunities

Advanced Troop Management - online video series

Coming soon!

Money-Earning Basics - online video series

Coming soon!


Have a training request or want to become a trainer?  Contact us at