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Specialty Troops

As girls get older, sometimes the traditional troop model doesn’t fit their interests and needs. The troop may consider choosing a specialty – rather than doing a little bit about a lot of topics, specialty troops focus in for a deep-dive into a topic of interest to the girls. Currently, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland has several specialty troops available for girls.

Troop 37047 - Travel
Seniors - Ambassadors


In summer 2017, 15 members of the troop traveled together to Italy. They are currently planning a trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii in the summer of 2019.

Troop 47100 - RoboTroop
Juniors - Ambassadors


RoboTroop has earned many awards and honors over the years. Girls in grades 4-7 compete at WSU’s Lego Mindstorms each year. Girls in grades 8-12 compete in a regional Botball tournament.

Troop 47213 - Girls: Engineering, Math, and Science
Juniors - Ambassadors


The troop began with a focus on coding, using the Think Like a Programmer Journey, computer science badges, and Girls Who Code curriculum to learn about coding and complete an impact project. Cadettes from the troop held an open house at the Wichita State University Experiential Engineering building for International Scratch Day. They have now expanded their focus to all things engineering, math, and science – most of which still involves coding!

This troop is currently seeking leadership. Interested adults can reach out to to get this troop running again.

Troop 47400 - Living History
Brownies - Ambassadors


Based out of Cowtown, this troop formed with the purpose of sharing knowledge of 1870’s Wichita and reenacting the life of a pioneer girl by sewing, cooking, learning at school, and having tea parties. They participate in events at the Living History Museum and earn related badges.

Troop 47428 - High Adventure
Juniors - Ambassadors


Following a travel experience to the National Girl Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, girls from several traditional troops came together to form H.A.T. – High Adventure Troop.  They have gone zip-lining, rock climbing, horseback riding, primitive camping – including three days and two nights at Cross Timber State Park in Toronto, Kansas where they went hiking, fishing, and learned several outdoor cooking methods. They are looking forward to more adventures in the future.

Troop 47457 - Travel
Cadettes - Ambassadors


Past trips include Thailand and Puerto Rico, as well as local destinations.  While in Puerto Rico, they went snorkeling, visited a coffee plantation, learned to dance the Salsa, and much more.  On their last day, they met a local, multi-level troop. Due to the hurricane, the Puerto Rican Troop 204 had been unable to participate in cookie sales, so Troop 47457 brought them a gift of Girl Scout cookies!  The troop is currently making plans and raising funds for a 2020 trip to Italy and Greece.

Troop 47172 - Cooking


Are you a Cadette Girl Scout in South Central Kansas who wants the opportunity to bake or cook? Do you want to try new foods, make new friends, and gain culinary skills? Then the Cooking Troop is for you! Girls will focus on gaining kitchen safety and culinary skills, meal planning, and learning leadership skills that will last a lifetime. All melas and activities will be chosen by the girls and the process is highly "girl-led."


How to join

Interested in joining a current specialty troop?  Contact us at 1-888-686-MINT (6468) or email to inquire.

How to start a specialty troop

Have a traditional troop that wants to specialize or an idea to start a new specialty troop? Contact us at 1-888-686-MINT (6468) or email to get started.