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Program Aide Quiz

 Develop independence, leadership and teamwork
 Explore the GSLE
 Learn new skills
 Share the Girl Scout experience with younger girls
 All of the above
 Cover yourself with dirt and hide in the bushes
 Stop, sit down, and don't panic
 Find an adult
 Complete the Program Aide training
 Earn the Leader-in-Action Award
 Work with younger girls for six sessions
 All of the above
 Help out at camp
 Take girls on a hike
 Give a girl medication
 Teach girls a game or song
 Both Daisies and Brownies
 1-2 years
 3-4 years
 5 or more years
 Sixth grade
 Seventh grade
 Eighth grade
 American Indian or Alaskan native
 Black or African-American
 Hawaiian or Pacific Islander