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Mall Madness: Towne East Square Mall

Sat Jul 16, 9:00 PM - Sun Jul 17, 6:00 AM
Girls & Adults
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
South Central

Oh Snap! You need to like, totally join us for Mall Madness!

Girl Scouts are taking over the Towne East Square Mall in Wichita for a totally rad sleep over. We’re clearing the mall out after hours for a Girl Scout only, unforgettable event. There will be a DJ, stage shows, badge activities, crafts, and of course, shopping with your homegirls.

How do you attend? It's easy, get renewed* for the 2023 year. A late-night snack, light breakfast, fun patch, and outrageously good time are all included. Have a BFF that is interested in Girl Scouts and wants to come? Let’s get them signed up for the fun! Email and we’ll hook ‘em up!

*Only members who are renewed/registered for the 2023 membership year are eligible to attend Mall Madness. Registration for Mall Madness opens on April 1.

Location: Wichita
Register By: June 30

Girl Cost: $15
Adult Cost: $15