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Introduction to Troop Management - Webinar

Mon Apr 23, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Free webinar

This session for new Troop Leaders provides all of the information required to get started with a Girl Scout troop. During the course, we'll talk about forming a leadership team for the troop, planning meetings and field trips, working with the Girl Scout curriculum, managing troop finances, and answer any questions you have about Girl Scouts. Intro to Troop Management (ITM) can be taken online via webinar or in person. To participate in the webinar session, you will need access to both the internet for the presentation content and a phone line for the audio content. Contact your Volunteer Support Specialist at 888-686-MINT or to register for a webinar session or to inquire about in-person ITM opportunities in your area.

Prerequisites: Girl Scout membership, approved background check, and appointment to a volunteer role.
Register by: April 16
Adult cost: Free