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Cookie Share Program

Want to share a sweet surprise with our service men and women? Or help local charities? You can do that simply by purchasing a package of Girl Scout cookies!

The Cookie Share Program is a way for girls and their customers to help others in the community by sharing cookies with our military members and their families, including those serving overseas, or with local charities like the Kansas Food Bank and Catholic Charities.


Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland has distributed more than 175,258 packages of cookies through our Cookie Share Program since its inception in 2010, with more than half going to military members and their families.

In 2019, more than 16,000 "Cookie Shares" sold by Kansas Girl Scouts. That's more than 16,000 packages of cookies shared with local charities and military members! This year, we're elevating our goal to 24,000 cookies shared with local organizations to reach 200,000 Cookie Shares in 2020 since the program's inception 10 years ago.

Share with a local charity or send a sweet reminder of home to a military member by calling our Cookie Hotline at 888-686-MINT, and telling them you’d like to participate in the Cookie Share Program. Or simply ask your local Girl Scout aka “Cookie Boss”!

What it's like to receive a Cookie Share

Jessica Lemons, a Garden City resident and Navy Reservist who served in Afghanistan, described what it was like to receive a Girl Scout Cookie Share.

“While I was deployed, we received three huge boxes filled with Girl Scout Cookies, and the looks on the soldiers’ faces reminded me of children on Christmas morning seeing all the presents,” Lemons said. “We all ran to tear open the box and get our favorites.”

“It was the perfect slice of home for us,” Lemons said of Girl Scout Cookies. “I also remember reading the letters from the Girl Scout troops and them thanking us, when in reality, we wanted to send them big thank-yous for thinking of us and bringing a piece of home to Afghanistan.”

Can you match the kindness of Kansans?

Businesses and organizations can also help by participating in the Cookie Share matching program. We have a program for every size of business! What a great way to put a smile on the face of people in your community by donating Girl Scout cookies to a local food pantry, or on a soldier’s face when they open that “little taste of home” — Girl Scout cookies! Also, with your tax-deductible donation through the Cookie Share Program, you are helping a local Girl Scout meet or exceed her goal! It’s easy—call our Cookie Hotline at 888-686-MINT and tell them you are interested in participating in the matching program.