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Troop 40503's Cookie Bingo highlights 2016 Cookie Sale

Troop 40503 (Photos submitted by Troop Leader Krista Davis)

Like many other Girl Scout troops across Kansas during this time of year, Troop 40503's latest troop meeting was all about the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  And this troop near Andover shared some great ideas to kick off the 2016 Cookie Sale that starts Feb. 13, including Cookie Bingo cards!

Some of the fun questions Troop Leader Krista Davis used for Cookie Bingo included:

  • What is the top-selling Girl Scout Cookie in America?
  • Which peanut-butter cookie is vegan?
  • What Girl Scout Cookie is 10 years old this year?
  • Through what council program can people buy Girl Scout Cookies to donate to local charities, or military members and their families?

Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, Troop 40503 has kindly shared their Cookie Bingo cards for others to enjoy! Simply print off the PDF or use the Word document to customize your own questions and answers.

During their recent meeting, the girls in Troop 40503 also donned their own Cookie Monster aprons they'll wear at upcoming cookie booths, and they practiced finding and correcting all the things wrong with a cookie booth set-up (i.e. visible trash, a pet on a leash, jackets thrown everywhere, food and drinks on the table), according to Davis. The girls added up their individual goals to set their troop's overall sales goal, and then they voted on a fun activity to do as a group when they meet their goal.

"Oh yes, they enjoyed bingo, and they each got a LOVE cookies sticker when they got a black-out," Davis said of the girls in her troop. "They had to help each other with several of the questions, and even the veteran Scouts who've been selling for years learned something new!"

Thanks for sharing, Troop 40503! Does your troop have some news to share? Let us know!