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Solomon Girl Scouts aid animals, earn Bronze Award

Solomon Girl Scout Troop 20106
Solomon Girl Scouts hold up the bags of donations they collected for the Abilene Animal Hospital as part of their Bronze Award project.

The girls in Solomon Troop 20106 took action to help animals and earned their Bronze Award in the process!

They had a donation drive, collecting old towels, blankets, sheets and stuffed animals for the Abilene Animal Hospital. The girls baked homemade treats for cats and dogs, and also made toys for the animals. During a bake sale, they collected additional donations, and as a service to the Solomon community, the Girl Scouts gave away free cat and dog treats to anyone with pets.

These Junior Girl Scouts delivered their donations of bedding, treats, and toys to the Abilene Animal Hospital and got to see first-hand how their donations would indeed be used to help the animals. Way to go, girls!