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Get ready for Thin Mint Sprint with a Tulle & Tutu Party!

TMS tulle-tutu party

The third-annual Thin Mint Sprint 5K Run/Walk & Cookie Relay is coming up on April 16 in Wichita, so now's the perfect time to gather with your Girl Scout sisters for a fun Tulle & Tutu Party! 

Follow these steps for your own epic pre-race, tutu-making party:

1. Gather supplies:

  • TULLE: Depending on the age/size of girls, buy tulle either in store or online. An estimate for a size 5-6 girl would be 6 to 8 yards of tulle.
  • RIBBON: Cut the ribbon the length of the girl's waist plus 1 ft., so there is enough to tie a bow.
  • EMBELLISHMENTS: ribbons, fake flowers, jewels, etc. Pick out your favorite embellishments to individualize your tutu!

2. Cut the tulle:

  • Measure the length you want the tutu to be, double it, and add an inch. *Please note that slender/smaller girls' skirts might be a little shorter, and older girls' might be a little longer.
  • Once you have cut the correct length, cut that into 4-inch strips.

3. Tie your tutu:

  • Fold the strips in half, loop it around the ribbon measured to each girl's waist, and pull the ends through the loop.

4. Be EPIC:

  • Now, add your embellishments to the tutu!
  • Make sure you're registered for the event on Ultracamp if you're a Girl Scout girl member, or register on our Thin Mint Sprint page if you're an adult or member of the public.
  • Show up to Thin Mint Sprint in style! Enjoy activities for the whole family, and participate in the costume contest!

Other group costume ideas: Try tie-dyed T-shirts, or decorate your own T-shirts with inspirational messages or team names!