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Cookie Trainings for volunteers, girls have a new look!


Get ready to make the 2017 Cookie Sale your best yet! The Girl Scout Cookie Sale starts Feb. 11, and this year, Cookie Trainings for both Girl Scout volunteers (Cookie Managers) and for girls have expanded and are tailored to your years of experience!

If you have two years of experience or less in the Cookie Program, this qualifies you as a Cookie Rookie. If you have three or more years of experience, you're a Cookie Captain!

Volunteer Cookie Trainings

Volunteers, come learn what's new for this year's Cookie Program and network with other volunteers!

Cookie Rookie training dates for Volunteers

Cookie Captain training dates for Volunteers

Girl Cookie Trainings

What was previously known as Cookie College has expanded into even more opportunities for girls to get ready for the annual Cookie Sale. Learn tips focusing on the 5 Skills necessary to be an amazing business leader, or polish your Cookie CEO skills while learning new ways to meet your goals.

Cookie Rookie training dates for Girls

Cookie Captain training dates for Girls