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USDA 'Smart Snacks in School' details

In advance of our Cookie Sale, we wanted our members to know about a USDA advisement that applies to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other snack fundraisers at schools across the country. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 set a deadline for the USDA to revamp its school snack standards, and the USDA’s new Smart Snacks in School standards affect all foods that are snacks sold in vending machines, a-la-carte lunch lines, fundraisers, and in student stores.

The new Smart Snacks in School rules set limits on calories, fats, sugar and sodium and encourage the consumption of dairy, whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.

You may be asking, “How this will impact our local Cookie Program?”

It’s simple: Girl Scout Cookie sales will still be allowed on school property provided the school administration has given permission.

Now, you may be wondering, “What has changed?”

The change is around consumption. Girls will not be able to sell cookies for consumption on school property during school hours, because schools are now required to prohibit the consumption of non-healthy snacks during school hours.

Girls can still take orders and deliver cookies during the school day. Girls can continue to take orders for consumption on school property outside of normal school hours. For example, if you have a Cookie Booth at an after-school basketball game, cookies can be sold and consumed during the game.

Click here to review the letter from USDA to Girl Scout volunteers. You can also review the USDA fact sheet giving more detail around Smart Snack rules.