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Support women, girls during National Stand Beside Her Week

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Starting in childhood, girls are inundated with negative messages and behaviors that prevent them from building healthy relationships and ideals about their potential. Girls keep these unhealthy ideals and relationships as they mature into women, preventing women from reaching their fullest potential.

That’s why Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland is proud to partner with Girl Scouts Heart of the South and other councils across the country for National Stand Beside Her Week!

Stand Beside Her is a call-to-action initiative to mentor, support and develop women and girls, to end comparison and competition and create more collaboration and support for one another. Stand beside us Oct. 30 – Nov. 5 to highlight this national effort to change our current culture, so every girl and woman can reach her fullest potential.

Take action! 8 Ways to Stand Beside Her:


1. Support her in discovering her talents, and encourage her interests. Interest, not just expertise, should be motivation enough.

2. Monitor your comments about yourself, your daughter, your friends, and other women. Show her how to build others up, not tear them down.

3. Avoid negative terms. Why is a girl bossy, but a boy is ambitious? Shouldn’t a girl throw like a girl?

4. Be her role model. Parents still hold more sway than media, peers, and pop culture.

5. Get involved with nonprofits that encourage girls and support women, like Girl Scouts. (Go to to join or volunteer.)

6. Pledge to Stand With Us. Take the online pledge, and commit to supporting other girls.

7. Do a Stand Beside Her Project. Show others you support them by doing a community project like "Chalk It Up to Being a Girl" or the "We're a Pair" sock project. (Click here or see resources below.)

8. Join the discussion online. Band together with other women and girls in support of one another. Find Stand Beside Her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #StandBesideHer. You can also be part of the discussion by joining the national #StandBesideHer Twitter Chat at 2 p.m. Wednesday Nov. 2, using #StandBesideHer along with your comments on Twitter.

Stand Beside Her - Resources

Flier for troops - activity instructions

"We're A Pair" sock wrap activity printable



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