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Girl Scout Volunteer Awards (Thanks Badge, Regional Awards, President's Award, Or JGLAA)

Application for Thanks Badge, Regional Awards, President's Award, or JGLAA. All nominees must be registered members of Girls Scouts of the USA.  

 Thanks Badge I or II-for ongoing service through leadership which helps the entire council or GS movement
 Presidents Award-An entire team or committee whose support leads to an impact on council goals.
 Regional Recognition-for outstanding service above and beyond expectations in one GSKH region.
 East/Emporia Region (Meierhoff Award or Fanestil Award)
 North/Salina Region
 Northwest/Hays Region
 South Central/Wichita Region (Wiedemann Award or Wheatbelt Service Award)
 Southwest/Garden City Region
 Juliette Gordon Low Achievement Award-for significant and unique contributions with a continued impact on GSKH
Check the most appropriate option. Awards committee reserves the right to final award selection
 Not Sure
For the Thanks Badge, Regional Awards, or the Juliette Gordon Low Achievement Award, submit up to 3 letters of recommendation for the nominee, photos, and any other documentation about the nominee's contributions to Girl Scouting across the council. For the President's Award, please submit an additional list of the team's accomplishments and contributions to Girl Scouting. The committee is particularly interested in details on girl and adult membership, volunteer support, activities for girls, and how Girl Scouts has been represented in the community (newspaper or media articles). You may also attach photos, articles, and/or event fliers.