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Volunteer Recognition

You have a chance to shine the spotlight on a volunteer who has made an amazing difference in your life! Every day, Girl Scout volunteers are helping girls blossom into their true potential by providing the environment they need to pursue the interests, causes, and leadership roles that matter most to them. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, girls are standing up, standing out, and standing tall in every aspect of their lives.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland’s annual volunteer recognition program is an opportunity for girls, parents, and service units to recognize special volunteers in your community! Any girl, troop, parent, or volunteer can submit a nomination.

The 2018 Volunteer Awards will be presented during regional Volunteer Appreciation events in April, prior to Annual Meeting.

Feb. 1, 2018, is the deadline for Volunteer Award nominations.

For Girls and Parents

Any girl or parent can submit a nomination. To recognize a troop leader or co-leader, or any volunteer who works directly with girls, please select the Volunteer of Excellence. For a volunteer who helps with your service unit or with multiple troops, the Appreciation Pin (service in one geographic area) or the Honor Pin (service in two or more geographic areas) may be the best choice. Be sure to provide details and specific examples on your nomination form, so that the recognitions committee can understand how special this volunteer is to you!

Click here for the nomination form for Volunteer of Excellence, Appreciation Pin, or Honor Pin.  

For Service Units

Service Units may nominate volunteers for the Volunteer of Excellence, Appreciation Pin, or Honor Pin (above), and may also submit nominations for the highest awards: Thanks Badge I & II (for service affecting the entire council or Girl Scout movement); President’s Award (for a service team or committee); regional awards; or the Juliette Gordon Low Achievement Award (GSKH council award for lasting and continuous dedication to Girl Scouting). These awards require details and additional documentation, and are best submitted by more than one person from the service unit. In addition, service units can request Candle Pins (for first year volunteers who have completed all required learning sessions); Year Pins (designating years in Girl Scouting, beginning with 5 years); and letters or certificates for Girl Scout supporters in your community.

Click here for the nomination form for Volunteer of Excellence, Appreciation Pin, or Honor Pin.  

Click here for the nomination form for Thanks Badge, Regional Awards, President’s Award, or Juliette Gordon Low Achievement Award.  

Click here to request Candle or Year Pins.

Click here to request Community Participation Letters or Citizenship in Girl Scouting certificates.  

Volunteer Award PDFs

Volunteer Award description

2018 Service Unit Order Form Candle and Years Pins

2018 Service Unit Order Form Community Recognition

2018 Volunteer Nomination form Pres JGL Thanks Reg

2018 Volunteer Nomination form Volunteer Excellence, Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin